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By Jenelle Carter-WillabusAfter spending 15 months and five days in prison separated from each other,An elated Carol Ann Munroe, is escorted out of the Court by a relieved family member after the Treason charge was dismissedhusband and wife,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Major Bruce Munroe and Carol-Ann were happily reunited with each other, their family and two children yesterday.Huddled together with her husband and two children, Carol-Ann sat in her mother’s Princes Street home, in the living room. There she related a horrid tale,Wholesale China Jerseys, that had a happy ending,Cheap Jerseys USA, but it took nearly two years to unfold.In a surprising but welcomed decision by many, Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry discharged the treason charge which was level against the couple and their friend Reserve Officer Leonard Wharton.Recounting the last night she spent in the comfort of her own home with her family, Carol-Ann said the night started off like the typical night leading up to Christmas.She recalls putting the final touches to the decorations in her house on December 23, 2010 while ensuring everything was to the liking of her two children, aged eight and four at the time.“Soon after we put the children to bed and while we were in our bedroom, I told my husband I was thirsty and he said that he was going to get the water for me.”While her husband was leaving the bedroom Carol-Ann said she called him back into their room just to tell him that she loved him.“When I said I love you, he said, ‘I know’ and he walked out…While he was walking out I called him back and I said to him if anything was to happen to you I don’t know how I would cope.”Again her husband went back into the room to reassure her that all will be well and to appease her fears about anything going wrong for the family, as he gave her a kiss on her forehead, the kiss that had become a ritual for the couple over their years of marriage.“He would always kiss me on my forehead when he was trying to reassure me about something and he said I will ensure you have a good Christmas because he had promised to take time off from work.”Carol-Ann said that she had a gut feeling that something was wrong but never envisioned that it was going to take such a horrid turn.Within minutes of that reassuring kiss the Munroes’ life turned up-side down. From a respectable Army Officer, to treason accused, being led to court in shackles, and from a wife, mother and English teacher to being locked in cell with other female prisoners.After having their home being searched by police ranks on the night of December 23, Munroe and his wife were led away to Timehri Police Station. On Christmas Eve Day the couple was separated.Major Munroe was taken to the Brickdam Police Station while his wife was taken to the East La Penitence Police Station. Reality struck when the couple was informed that they were being charged with treason.For Carol-Ann,Wholesale Jerseys Paypal, while her family started breaking down she realized that she needed to be strong for not only herself but also for her husband who at the time seemed to be falling apart.“I held him and I said we have been through so much and we will get through this…I hadn’t time to cry or show any emotion until I reached back to the lock up…I crept into the dark washroom and started to scream.”In my mind treason charge meant life in prison. Even my family couldn’t really process what was going on.Once the couple had their day in court and understood that bail was not an option they soon had to come to grips with reality; that they will be in prison indefinitely.Nevertheless, their faith and trust in God and the truth was what kept them both going. Soon enough Carol-Ann, who had her bout of classic schizophrenic,Cheap Jerseys From China, post partum depression and being claustrophobic, had to find a way to survive being in isolation.Turning positives into negatives Carol-Ann said that she quickly overcame her fears. She found ways to cope as well as treat herself for her depression.“I spent the first six months reading the many manuals on how to treat depression until I started treating myself despite the court orders to allow me to receive treatment. The Prison Medex started working with the treatment I started to administer to myself.”After being released from solitary confinement Carol-Ann Munroe said that she was allowed to see sunlight and breathe fresh air.“Definitely it was prayers that kept both my husband and I when we did get to see each other. In court we worked out a system where despite our distance we would wake up at the same time each morning to pray.”At that point Major Munroe pitched as he clutched his wife’s hand. The experience brought him and his wife together; their prayers kept them even closer.“It might sound funny to many but when we communicated through letters it was amazing that our letters corresponded.”While the experience was challenging for his wife, Munroe said he quickly adapted. He used his military experience to survive.“I conditioned my mind; I quickly assessed each prisoner and held my position. I told myself this was like training and I’m confined to a barrack where I can’t leave.”For Mr. Munroe his days were spent reading the bible and praying even though at times the court appearances and what he heard in court were very disturbing.However, for the couple having to be away from their son and daughter was hard but something they dealt with.“It was very difficult to answer the questions they would ask…I would always tell them be patient; just have a little patience. One day my daughter said to me, ‘Mommy you always say little more but I don’t have anymore,’”But what kept them both were the letters and photographs they received from their children. The supervised visit was never enough but Munroe and his wife made the best of every situation as they remained confident that they will soon be vindicated.“Our joy started to come when the chief witness was found lying when he was being cross-examined. I remember breaking down in tears when one witness said while standing in the witness box, that he was sent to set up three black people,” Major Munroe recalled.This eloquent but soft-spoken man said that the last three hearings in court gave him hope that it will all soon come to an end.“When the truth started to come out I felt joy and when the witness admitted that he lied and that he was sent to trap us I didn’t find it in my heart to be mad with him; I was just overjoyed that everybody was beginning to see the truth.”It was also during that appearance that Carol-Ann broke down in tears and said that there was no more fight left in her.The woman who always wore a pleasant smile on her face walked out of the courtroom crying. This was a sight never seen by her supporters and the many who came to know her around the court.“My grandmother always told me not to wear my emotion on my sleeve and many times when you saw me smiling it didn’t mean that I was happy. Many times while that smile was there I would cringe inside and pray that the earth would open and take me in”.As the final hearings were being heard both Carol-Ann and her husband said that they knew their victory was near. While she had the worst two birthdays being locked up and away from her husband and family, Mrs. Munroe said this year’s birthday was the best. She was freed the day after her 41st birth anniversary.For the couple, this rough journey together has shown them both to appreciate the little things in life as they both considered themselves workaholics. They both plan to find more time for each other,nfl jerseys authentic cheap, their children and family.Carol-Ann says she that will soon return to her school and students. That was the first place she visited after she walked out of the court, yesterday.On the other hand, Mr. Munroe having served the army for some 20 years said it would be rather uncomfortable to work in an environment where he is not trusted and where he does not trust anyone.Hence, he said, through his lawyers he will seek to have his benefits and move on.