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– Chief StatisticianChief Statistician of the Bureau of Statistics, Lennox BenjaminThe Objective of the ‘Year of Statistics 2013’ is to promote Statistics, both as an enhanced source of knowledge as well as a comfortable and practical tool in our everyday lives; this is according to Chief Statistician of the Bureau of Statistics, Lennox Benjamin.He said that statistics must no longer be something abstract to most or viewed as something so hard to grasp and understand.“It affects us in our everyday lives from weather forecasts,Cheap Jerseys From China, to predicting areas for high crime activity, to emergency preparedness,” Benjamin explained.“Proficiency in statistics provides the art of telling a story with numerical data and thus will always be a big plus for our media practitioners. Early exposure to and comfort with Statistics among our school-age population has to be one of the major activities of the Year of Statistics.”Adding that there can be no greater incentive for Statistics as a career, Benjamin said when in this era of continued global economic slowdown,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, marked by both loss of/and difficulty in obtaining jobs,China Jerseys Cheap, is over, the global statistical community has forecast that the demand for statisticians and data analysts is expected to increase by 4.4 million jobs worldwide in the years ahead.“The optimistic forecast for career opportunities in Statistics is great,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, so those following us in the field of Statistics will be the first level of beneficiaries right here in our region and by extension through their advocacies, their own households, the education system, and our societies at large within this region will be the ultimate beneficiaries,” he declared.Importantly, whereas the World Statistics Day was organized and celebrated under the sponsorship of the United Nations Statistical Division,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018, and driven by the national Statistical Offices throughout the World,jerseys nfl wholesale, Benjamin said that there needs to be a sustained momentum for the global spread and embracing statistics by all levels.World Statistics Day is held at an interval of every five years; the next such Commemoration being due in October 2015.

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