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With the alarming increase in sexual offences among school age children, especially in the hinterland areas in Region Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam), the Department of Education under the guidance ofTeachers at the workshop which was held at State House.Regional Education Officer, Mrs. Baramdai Seepersaud, held a workshop to engage senior teachers from Primary and Secondary Schools across the Region.The workshop was held at State House, in Anna Regina, on Tuesday.Mrs. Baramdai Seepersaud explained that the workshop was examining the Sexual Offences Act. She noted that while it was observed that sexual activity among children is on the increase, educating teachers as well as students on how to behave in an appropriate way especially in the School system,China NBA Jerseys, was pertinent for education among teachers.The senior educator indicated that with the introduction of the “Tell” approach in schools pupils/students are more aware of sexual grooming. They are afforded the opportunity to speak out on uncomfortable circumstances that may confront them from time to time.Teachers are also being taught proper ways of speaking to their students. Cases which have been identified are before the courts.Seepersaud said that the support of members of the police force is also important in identifying cases of sexual abuse. Tuesday’s workshop was the first but certainly would not be the last,cheap nfl jerseys china, she said. There is a plan to target parents and stakeholders during the next round.Hamandeo Haimraj,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, who is attached to the department of Education in Region Two,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, said that child sexual abuse has of late been a concern for the Department of Education School welfare Unit.Haimraj said that Educators as a whole strongly believe that teachers need to understand the Sexual Offences Act, and also to be aware and equally equipped to deal with matters of sexual abuse when these are presented in schools’ system.The workshop was intended to provide teachers with an understanding of how to deal with cases of sexual abuse.Of recent two teenagers,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, one 13 and the other 14,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, were impregnated. The 13-year-old gave birth to twin boys one of which has since died. The 14-year-old is said to be pregnant for her father. The man has since been charged with rape.

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