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The relatives of Elvis Ceres, the man who is believed to have been burnt to death when a Wales, West Bank Demerara (WBD) house went up in flames in June,Nike Air Max 98 Og, last,Wholesale Jerseys Outlet, are calling on the police to speed up the DNA process.Ceres’ mother, Sheila Quinton in an interview yesterday said that they have been waiting for months just to find closure but claimed that the police are pushing them around.The woman believes that the burnt body recovered among the rubble on June 30, last, is that of her son. However, the police are claiming that they have to do a DNA before they hand over the remains.Samples have already been taken from Ceres’ son and a sibling to send for testing overseas but according to sources,MLB Jerseys From China, the samples have not left Guyana as yet.Around 01:30 hrs, firefighters were called to put out a blaze at an unoccupied house located at Lot 1 Goedverwagting,NFL Jerseys China, Wales.A body was later found among the rubble in the bathroom area of the property.Ceres had worked for the owner of the property and disappeared around the same time of the fire.His relatives have suspected from the inception that the remains found in the burnt property are those of the 53-year-old man.Ceres’ reputed wife, Beverly McTurk confirmed that ranks had taken DNA samples from the victim’s son and brother in July last, to send to Trinidad and Tobago for testing.McTurk said that relatives are awaiting the result of the tests so that they will be able to move forward with this matter. She claimed that since the samples were taken, they haven’t heard from the police as yet.When the remains were discovered, residents in the area had assumed that it might have been those of a vagrant, who had managed to sneak his way into the property to seek shelter for the night.However,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, it was later suspected to be Ceres. He had visited the property to assist in the installation of surveillance cameras and police believed that he might have sneaked into the house to spend the night.McTurk said that she last saw the father of five, three days before the fire when he visited her home to give her money to take their son to the dentist. He informed her that he was going to work on the East Coast of Demerara and would return in a few days,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, but he never showed up.

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