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– plead for return of ‘big buses’The Route 31 minibus park has several buses during the dayPersons depending on the route 31 buses (West Bank to Georgetown) to get to and from home are complaining bitterly of transportation woes.According to these commuters,Nike Air Max 98 Gundam 2018, most of whom are working parents and school children,Soccer World Cup Jerseys, the route 31 minibuses would slow down operations during the rush hour, leaving many of them stranded.One Parfaite Harmonie parent told Kaieteur News that due to the difficulty in getting transportation, she is always late to pick up her six month old daughter from Day Care. The woman added that this would usually take a toll on her already tight budget.She added that the late nights have also caused a decline in her relationship, as her common law husband would,Cheap Nike Air Max Plus, from time to time, accuse her of infidelity.“Whenever I ain’t lucky enough to get a bus early, I does get cuss and that does be a lot. He know the situation on the park, but still, he does get vex with me. I does done work at six, and sometimes I does reach home till eight-nine. He even slap me up a couple times fuh being late and leaving we daughter at the Day Care. The man seh that he does work on the East Bank and he don’t understand why I does can’t reach home. So that is some of the things that we does be faced with, and it might seem funny, but only the people who experiencing it could tell yuh,” the woman said.Many other women attested to having marital problems as a result of reaching home late.As far as school children go, many say that the situation is affecting their studies. Those being mostly affected are students preparing for exams.“By the time I leave my (after school) lessons and I go to the park, it does be around six. And I would usually stand on that bus park for hours. And I have to point out that that is very much exhausting. By the time I reach home sometimes is as late as nine ‘o’ clock. After spending all day at school and standing on that park for the additional hours, one can only imagine what it would feel like to go home, take a shower and start studying again. Something needs to be done,” a St Joseph’s High School student related.When asked about the big buses becoming operational, the teen immediately made the call for the Minister of Transport to consider such a move,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, as it will ultimately result in the development of students residing on the West Bank of Demerara.Several other students were also of the same view, adding that they would feel less exhausted, and would have more time to study.“For me personally, I don’t study on a regular basis, because by the time you reach home, yuh feel dead. And yuh just ready fuh bathe, watch TV and sleep so that you could wake up and deal with the madness on the road,” a student of the Charlestown Secondary School added.Collectively, most secondary school students were in favour of the “big bus operation”, suggesting that the buses pick them up at the respective “corner stops” on the main road, and transport them to the capital city on school days.According to these students, the big buses would also ease the tension of them being scolded for reaching to school late.While the single men did not mind time spent on the park to flirt, the working single women complain to being scared to go home in the dark,Cheap Jerseys Online, especially those having to walk into the newly established La Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme.“It does really dark, and most times scary to walk intothe streets by yourself. Is a newly established scheme and it got nuff bandits. If somebody do me or any other young girl anything on these dark streets,Wholesale Jerseys Online, we on we own,” one young woman who identified herself as “Mandy” told this newspaper.When asked about the big buses, the woman said that there are a few, but they do not operate regularly. She added that should the buses become operational and take commuters into the schemes, it would make people feel safer.”Following a series of interviews, it was clear that most commuters, if not all, are in favor of the Ministry of Transportation putting in place, the “big bus system”.However, the Minibus operators were not. They are of the belief that the big buses becoming operational would mean less income for them and their families.Some of them opined that perhaps it will be safer should the buses operate in the nights.

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