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GT&T’s financial officer, Yog Mahadeo, says that his company is taken aback by recent reports that accuse GT&T of holding back Guyana’s economy through its monopoly rights.“Our new submarine cable project is a clear indication of our continuing commitment to Guyana’s development,” he said.Mahadeo said his company takes its national obligations seriously and is proud of the role that it plays towards the development of Guyana. In a press statement issued yesterday, he noted that such accusations reveal a disconnect with factual and economic reality.He states that his company finds it difficult to accept such criticisms when it is one among few Guyanese entities that,Discount Football Jerseys, on an annual basis,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, continue to make substantial investments in a modern infrastructure.He said, too, that his company is now building the first-ever submarine fibre optic cable to be landed in Guyana, which will enable GT&T to provide more reliable services, and deliver substantially more bandwidth, at lower prices.GT&T is proud to be one of the largest contributors to the national economy, Mahadeo said, and is doing so to the value of US$30M at its own risk and is therefore disappointed,Cheap Basketball Jerseys, on behalf of its’ 650 employees, at such accusations after investing billions of dollars in Guyana.GT&T’s rates are the lowest in Guyana and stand at par with, or are better than,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, those rates in other countries in the Caribbean.  A study by the International Telecommunications Union showed that Guyana’s landline telephone rates are the fourth lowest among 28 Latin American countries.  Few countries in the world deliver a quality-to-price ratio for landline service that is better than Guyana and in many liberalized economies consumers pay 5-10 times more for an inferior service.He said, too, that his company has a great vision for its continued role in Guyana’s development while agreeing that competition,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, if implemented correctly, can bring benefits.To that end, he said that GT&T has offered for years to relinquish voluntarily its monopoly rights as early as 2010 so long as the Government agrees to establish a permanent framework that promotes and protects infrastructure investment while resolving various remaining legacy issues.It is public knowledge, Mahadeo said, that GT&T has been in negotiations with the Government and remains optimistic that these can be successfully concluded.He said his company also hopes that whatever new laws and regulations emerge,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, would result in positive growth for Guyana as well as for continued telecommunication investment in Guyana.

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