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The need for standards as it relates to the delivery of health care is especially crucial even as efforts are made to promote competition in this regard. This notion was recently emphasised by President Bharrat Jagdeo when he addressed the opening of the Eighth Caribbean College of Surgeons Conference recently.According to the President one of the tasks of the College is to look at standards, a factor which is becoming increasingly important as efforts are made to bring the Caribbean together.“In many other areas we have had to do this. The whole issue of standards such as sanitary standards for trade in goods and services,Cheap Jerseys From China, and goods particularly, has become a stumbling block to the increase in intra-regional trade so standards are very important in terms of the quality of services delivered to our people.”And it becomes more important, the President noted because there are a number of health care providers including surgeons who will seek to come and work in “our jurisdiction from outside of the Region who will be competing with the surgeons here because they can do so at a lower cost.”The President further speculated that at the moment there are a number of doctors working in the United States who may be planning to come back home to become involved in business type operations.And there are several groups,Cheap Jerseys From China, he added, out of India and other places,NFL Jerseys From China, looking at Guyana and maybe some other Caribbean countries to set up operations so that they can enter the market and probably enter the market at rates that are significantly lower than prevailing rates and thereby will be able to get more business.In addition, he noted that the opening of Guyana to Brazil through the daily bus service, a large catchment area in Northern Brazil could be targeted.“So clearly you would have to probably discuss these challenges and see how they would reflect on the region so that we ensure that through this all who those who ever comes here, because we are an open region and we want to promote competition; wherever the competition comes from, that the consuming public get good quality care and that standards are set for this.”“I thought I’d share some of these things from a policy maker’s perspective as some of the things that we see as challenges in the future. Things that will become over time your challenges too…It is not just about setting standards but that a quality care is delivered to people and that it stands so in a conducive environment. I see this as a corroborative task…” the Head of State noted.At the moment President of the Eight Conference, Professor Vijay Naraynsingh,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, said that the College is working aggressively towards increasing cooperation between the various territories.“We have some 17 territories, at least 14 of them will have a population of below half a million, relatively small territories and the smaller they are the lesser the level of specialisation that can be sustained.”It is for this reason, he said, that conferences and workshops are held in order to bring all Caribbean practitioners closer together. In fact he noted that people do sent patients from one territory to another for specialised investigation and specialised treatment.“So the college does have a role in that but it is more an indirect role because it is a referral often from person to persons. There is not yet an established government to government arrangement except in some special areas.”The Caribbean College by the very presence of the members who practice around the Caribbean seeks to influence young doctors and others in training,NFL Jerseys Outlet, according to Dr Errol Walrond,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Chairman of the Caribbean Accreditation of Associations of Medical and Health Professionals. He recounted that the University of the West Indies some 40 years ago had taken the initiative to start a post graduate training for surgeons which was stimulated by two main reasons that is because young doctors had to leave the Region to be trained and often found the greener pastures abroad more friendly.In addition it was recognised that the training overseas was not entirely suited to the needs of the Caribbean.“Not that it was not advanced but it could not serve both the advance needs and the needs of our communities which may have constrained circumstances…We felt that we needed to forge a path that not only reach the standard of the metropolitan countries but those surgeons would be able to serve our countries in their constrained circumstances.”

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