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作者: yueyrt1Amd    時間: 2018-3-13 21:19     標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys 000 fishermen operating 12

– roasts Rohee for failure of security sector The Ancient County came alive yesterday as leaders and thousands of party supporters for the recently formed coalition, A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) made their way to an East Coast Corentyne community ground for a grand rally.Even though the official motorcade started from the Square of the Revolution in Georgetown, thousands of eager Berbicians lined the streets decked out in yellow and green. Supporters from East Bank of Berbice, New Amsterdam and villages on the Corentyne stood waiting long before the entourage arrived.APNU+AFC Presidential CandidateDavid Granger surrounded by supportersIt was clear that the scores of vehicles with patrons brandishing Guyana flags as well as yellow and green flags were heading in one direction: towards the Whim Community Center Ground; the place where the Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo were set to take the stage to tell them just what they would do if given a chance to govern Guyana.The evening was one of cultural presentation and speeches from youth supporters as well as other party members.The Presidential candidate was the last to address the crowd. As Granger took the stage, he told the roaring supporters of plans to make Corentyne safe and boost the economy.Granger said that the PPP had failed Corentyne and the coalition would help to realize the change the people deserve.“We need your sugar. We need your rice. We need your fish. Who doesn’t need fish?” the Presidential candidate said to resounding cheers,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, laughter and applause.APNU+AFC supportersmaking their way to the rallyHe told supporters that the Corentyne is the cutting edge of the Guyanese economy.“Tonight I want you to know that APNU+AFC has a vision to protect you and to protect your integrity. The PPP has taken you for granted. They have regarded you as a vote farm,” he said.Granger compared the votes the ruling party has garnered over the years.He said in 2001 the PPP got 47000, in 2006 they got 42,000; in 2011they got 32000 from the Corentyne.The PPP, Granger said, is on a slipping slope.The party leader told the crowd that he has walked around New York and met many in the diaspora who are willing to return to Guyana to invest but the current crime rate is a serious deterrent to such.“People don’t want to come home because they don’t feel safe.”Granger told supporters, “Don’t panic,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, we have clean hands. We are going to clean up this mess. I am going to make Corentyne safe for fishermen, businessmen,Wholesale Jerseys, women and children, for investors,” the former army officer stated.“The Guyana Police Force is not capable of doing its job because the Minister of Home Affairs is not capable of doing his job,” he said.Traffic jam caused by theAPNU+AFC motorcadeHe lambasted Rohee for failing to visit the people there over the last nine years he has been in office.Rolling off a list of gruesome murders, Granger said they cannot be allowed to continue. “Clement Rohee is not doing his job…many of the victims of murder are old women and young girls.”He said that the Corentyne had about 15,China NFL Jerseys,000 fishermen operating 12,000 fishing boats but “our fishermen are often victims of piracy…fishermen are going to sea and their bodies are turning up on the shores. We are going to eradicate piracy,jerseys nfl wholesale,” he promised.Granger spoke too of the increasing number of road fatalities.He said, “Rohee pays attention to Birth certificates, Voter’s List but he doesn’t pay attention to murder, piracy and traffic accidents.”He said that a few years ago 12 persons died in an accident once on the Corentyne road. “There are no lights, no road markings and Rohee doesn’t care,” Granger said.The APNU+AFC presidential candidate said he would set up a safe system for the people.According to Granger it has since been established that the illegal guns used to commit armed robberies are coming from Brazil.“Every eight hours an armed robbery is committed in Guyana…you think Rohee, Ramotar or Jagdeo care?”He said that the problems in the security sector need to be addressed and highlighted that failures therein have been driving investors away.The PPP he said would never have believed the support his party saw in Corentyne.“Tonight you are showing that the Corentyne is united again,Cheap Football Jerseys,” he said.

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