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…less than three months after being rehabilitated The contentious East Bank Berbice road is once again in the news. Residents along the thoroughfare are once again up in arms because the recently rehabilitated $400M East Bank Berbice road has begun to fall apart lessA section of the East Bank Berbice road that was recently rehabilitated.than three months after being constructed.The work was awarded to the H. Nauth and Sons Civil Engineering Contracting Firm.  The firm was required to reconstruct a 12-kilometer stretch of the road,NFL Jerseys From China, from Everton to Light Town. The cost of the contract was $393,Wholesale Jerseys From China,000,Cheap NHL Adidas Jerseys,000.The East Bank Berbice road stretches for 25 miles from New Amsterdam to Mara. However,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys, residents were surprised that only a part in the middle was being done.The East Bank Berbice road has been in a deplorable state for close to two decades. The project which began in January was expected to last for four months but went way over the stipulated time.H. Nauth and Sons Company which has an operation on the East Bank Berbice,China NFL Jerseys, has been engaged in doing maintenance work on the road over the years.Residents are very upset and are set to protest the injustice that has been meted out to them.The road was expected to be completed at the end of Light Town; however,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, it ended in the middle of the village.The prescribed thickness was not followed and the entire rehabilitation was badly done residents said.

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