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標題: China Jersyes Cheap General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1Amd    時間: 6 天前 14:21     標題: China Jersyes Cheap General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party

Following scathing criticisms from different quarters,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, a controversial poster calling for a Third Term for President Bharrat Jagdeo has been removed.While it is unclear when the removal occurred, the structure was still standing yesterday at the empty lot at Robb Street and Avenue of the Republic, minus the artwork.On Thursday, Cabinet Secretary,Cheap World Cup Jerseys 2018, Roger Luncheon, was emphatic that government would not be moving to take down the huge billboard.Luncheon had stressed that while government could not pronounce on the ownership of the land where the billboard is, it was not the PPP (People’s Progressive Party) administration that erected the sign.“I could say unequivocally that the administration did not put it up.”Luncheon also stated: “I would want to believe as was said by a former Head of State that he who put it up should take it down. It was not the PPP administration.”Almost two weeks ago,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, the billboard was erected overnight greeting early morning commuters as they went about their business.Last week, General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party,Wholesale Jerseys Online, Donald Ramotar, lashed out at what he called a mischievous campaign currently seeking to garner support for a third term for President Jagdeo.Ramotar, in a statement issued to the media, publicly denounced the campaign.The PPP said that it had noted that some mischievous elements had launched a proactive campaign against the party.Several weeks ago,China NFL Jerseys, a group calling itself the Guyanese Coalition for Jagdeo Third Term (GCFJTT) began distributing flyers voicing its support for a third term for President Jagdeo.On that initial flyer is said inter alia,Discount NFL Jerseys, “We the people of Guyana admire President Bharrat Jagdeo for his visionary, courageous and astute leadership over the years.”That flyer was also accompanied by a red and white button advocating for the third term.The campaign escalated over the weeks as several posters were plastered on walls across the city with the President’s image along with a call for support for a third term.

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