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The Second Trade Policy Review of Guyana is currently taking place (July 8-10) at the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva (Switzerland). Guyana’s delegation is being led by the Honourable Manzoor Nadir,Discount NFL Jerseys, Minister of Labour, and supported by Guyana’s ambassador in Brussels (Belgium),Wholesale Jerseys, Dr. Patrick I. Gomes,China Jersyes Cheap, Neville Totaram (NACEN coordinator) and Andreas Lendle (Trade Economist) from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and International Cooperation, Gregory Downes (Trade Policy Attaché at the Embassy in Brussels) and Sheldon Mc Lean (Regional Trade Policy Advisor at the CARICOM Secretariat).National preparations for this review commenced in July 2008 and were coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and International Cooperation. It involved wide ranging inter-agency consultations and two visits by a technical team from the WTO Secretariat to Georgetown over the period.A regular review of each WTO member’s trade policy and practices is done by the WTO Secretariat with the aim to increase transparency and to improve adherence to rules, disciplines and commitments made under the different WTO agreements.In his opening statement yesterday, Minister Nadir provided an overview of policy initiatives taken by the government since the first review which took place in 2003. Several member countries took the opportunity to seek clarifications from Guyana on various aspects of its trade policy and to congratulate Guyana on the undertaking of its second trade policy review.Guyana’s trade policy review was well received by the WTO membership and many countries including Brazil, China,NFL Jerseys From China, Japan, Canada, the United States and the European Union as well as CARICOM Member States, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados,NBA Jerseys China, Haiti,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Jamaica and St. Lucia (on behalf of the OECS), commended the country for the level of economic growth achieved over the period 2003-2008 as well as its efforts at trade reform and economic diversification.

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