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Shri Prakash Gossai is a ‘Special Person’ “Gone are the days when these religious institutions are only places of singing, chanting and poojas. They must now be higher institutions for higher learning. This is where we must instill human values in our people. The child must understand that God is an important factor in his life. And as long as we have that belief, our life would be straight.”  By Fareeza HaniffFor almost all his life, Shri Prakash Gossai has devoted himself to promoting the Hindu religion. He has, notably, encouraged many youths to follow in the path of their ancestors when it comes to their religion.Shri Prakash GossaiFrom the tender of age of five, Shri Prakash Gossai started to play the harmonium and sang bhajans (Hindu devotional songs). This he said was mainly due to his father, who is still a magnificent singer, and one devoted to God.Born in Handsome Tree in Mahaica on the East Coast of Demerara, on April 25th, 1953,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Pandit Gossai, as he is commonly referred to, is the sixth of eight children.He told Kaieteur News that the little village at that time was very remote and undeveloped,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, as there were no proper roads and electricity. Like many other Guyanese, Pandit Gossai also walked to school via muddy dams, but according to him, the word education meant a lot for the inhabitants.“Our parents made sure that we went to school, in addition to doing field work. So we reared cattle and we used to help them in the ricefields, but it was mandatory that we went to school.”andit Gossai attended Cummings Lodge Government School, where he spent four years and stood first place in his class for every term. At the GCE exams, he attained nine subjects, with several distinctions. He then proceeded to the University of Guyana (UG), where he pursued medical technology for two years, after which he embarked on a Bachelor of Science degree, and then graduated as best graduating student in the faculty of natural sciences.According to Pandit Gossai, growing up he had an affinity for religion and related practices, as his father always encouraged him to pray and instilled the notion in him that there is a God, and whatever you want, if you pray sincerely for it, you will receive it.This concept, Pandit Gossai said, has stuck with him until this day, and he is a strong believer.During his years at high school and later at UG, Pandit Gossai said that he never isolated himself from his religion, culture and beliefs, as he was the President of the Hindu Society during the four years that he spent at university. Somehow or other he was inspired to do more work for religion, Pandit Gossai said.He left Guyana in 1983 for the United States, specifically New York,Cheap Jerseys From China, where he founded a Mandir. It is there he performed most of his religious practices and got youths involved in their culture and religion.“Because of a lack of mandirs during 1983, I found it as a call that I must get involved in the promotion of Hinduism. So in addition to my teaching at Thomas Jefferson High School, I was very active in Mandir work. I encouraged the youngsters to come out every Sunday and we sang Bhajans and we did outreach programs. We used to visit poor communities, and exchange books,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and engaged in games with the residents in those communities,” Pandit Gossai said.It was interesting to learn that Pandit Gossai was not one who was looking at gaining fame or becoming a popular figure in society, but this was not something that he could easily escape.“I got involved to an extent that people were looking at me as some ‘authority’, this time I never had anybody teaching me, I never had the Guru, so all of this is self-taught all the time. And due to the expectations of people, I thought that you know what, I’d better go to India.”He returned to Guyana before leaving for India at the age of 40, where he spent one year educating himself extensively on Hinduism.At that time, Pandit Gossai left a very active teaching profession not only in Guyana, but also in New York, where he taught Marine Biology and medical technology.He then returned from India and started to work in New York as a ‘Hindu Missionary.’But it is amazing to have found out that Pandit Gossai,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet, because of his humility, is not entirely comfortable with being referred to as Pandit.Pandit Gossai performing at one of his many functions“I do not like to call myself a Pandit, because to me, a Pandit is an extremely knowledgeable person in any field and I don’t think that I am that knowledgeable to be classified a Pandit.”From 1992 to 2007, Pandit Gossai was exclusively involved in religious work in New York, and then President Bharrat Jagdeo asked him to return to Guyana so as to render his services in his homeland.“And I must say that I am getting enough opportunity to serve the Guyanese people in general and the Hindus in particular. Almost every night, I am involved in Satsangs (prayer meeting) and encouraging youngsters to follow their culture and to get involved in their religion.”During his teenage years, Pandit Gossai had an active Hindu society and due to this, a Muslim Society along with a Christian Society was formed.Being one to lead major prayer meetings across Guyana, his favourite Bhajan is one he composed about ten years ago.It goes “Aaye Bhi Akela Jaye Bhi Akela” This simply means, “We have come to this world alone, and we have to leave alone. Whatever we have to do then, let’s do it to the best of our ability.”andit Gossai loves to discuss the scriptures and he is of the opinion that he became a popular figure in the religious world due to his approach in dealing with beliefs.“When I started; the language was a problem. Many people did not understand Hindi and there was a rejection because people did not understand. What I did was to begin to explain these things, most of all the verses that we chanted for years, it was then that people started to understand the meaning… so I believe that is what made me very popular.”Now, despite being an accomplished religious leader, Pandit Gossai is a personal adviser to the President and is stationed at Office of the President. He has two children who are following in his path.On the occasion of Indian Arrival Day, which will be celebrated on Tuesday,Cheap Jerseys China, Pandit Gossai had this to say to religious organizations.“Gone are the days when these religious institutions are only places of singing, chanting and poojas. They must now be higher institutions for higher learning. This is where we must instill human values in our people. The child must understand that God is an important factor in his life. And as long as we have that belief, our lives would be straight.”Taking into consideration the modern way of thinking by children and youths in particular in today’s society, he urged them to stick to their religion.“Simply find out the lifestyles of our ancestors, their aja, ajie, their nana and nanis. Find out what was their focus and you will be surprised that they (children and youths) are not walking the same path. Education, culture, discipline and high morals…these were the important words in their life.”andit Gossai strongly believes that he has contributed positively to society and will continue to do so as he wants people to know that God must be in front of whatever they do in life.